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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mr. Vikram Yende - Passion Personified

Vikram Yende - Passion Personified

Green Umbrella Organisation is not just an NGO, but it is a beautiful dream of one young man named Vikram Yende.

Vikram can be portrayed in only two words i.e. Passion Personified.

Passion Personified

His quite appearance will give a hint of calmness one can experience in woods. But just as much turbulence ocean has beneath its stillness, Vikram too has continuous, vibrant thought process of working for environmental cause going on in his mind all the time.

His green dream is constituted of only and only his passion for better environment and his sense of responsibility towards it. Instead of preaching about it to people, he took an initiative and chose to dedicate his life to green cause.

His passion for plantation inspired him to choose this path as sole mission of his life and he materialized his ambition into a form of NGO named Green Umbrella Organisation.

Vikram breathes and lives on this dream for every moment of his life. You can sense it even while talking to him that he is actually in a surreal world of his own where world is greener, air is pure, sky is blue without clouds of pollution and water is as clear as crystals, rain showers to nourish and sun shines only to brighten. His dreamland is free of global warming or destructive floods only because he constructed it on strong foundation of having Giant TREES as pillars.

Green Dream

What makes his dream even more appealing is that it is not just a far fetched idea or figment of his imagination, but he has ability to transform it into physical reality, otherwise who else ever thought of rescuing vulnerable trees who can not fight for themselves.

He has ambition to cover and protect our Mother Earth with Green Umbrella which symbolizes safety and security to every living being.

Vikram's dream is as alive and as vibrant as his beloved trees.
And you too are wholeheartedly welcome to be a part of his dream.

Vikram firmly believes that ages of deforestation can be recovered back with active participation of every citizen. Even if one person plants one tree and take care of it as his personal responsibility, we all can live in greener earth forever.

- Jyoti Gangurde

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Power of ONE!

Power of ONE

We have a popular saying that Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean.

That much is the power of one drop. Cause one single droplet has all the properties of an entire ocean consisting in itself. That proves to us that Power of ONE is as great as Power of WHOLE.

Molai's Woods - Power of ONE
Power of ONE

But how many of us follow this in real world. How many of us have faith in our individual potential or how many of us even try to explore beyond our own limits… sadly the answer is "not many".

Most of us are content with daily routine of our life. In fact, at times we might even brag about our busy schedule without even trying to think out of the box.

We are so conditioned to think and plan our life in rigid ways that even if we wish to do something different, something selfless for others or for society at large, we automatically convince ourselves that we will do such work at some particular time in unseen future.

We immediately instruct ourselves that may be when we have enough money of our own or may be when we have enough time to do social work or may be when we have enough man power to support us, we will definitely do something good.

We restrict our own urge to do something for the society under the excuse of lack of free time or scarcity of funds. But we do not allow such limitations to hamper our spirit if we are trying to plan a holiday at well known expensive tourist spot or while buying luxury products for our comfort or even while planning a movie and night out just for an entertainment because we find it necessary as our right to live with better living standards.

But when it comes to serve our duties towards the society in which we live and flourish, we don't consider it as mandatory.
Today I am going to write about one such man who didn't use any excuses to pull himself back from doing something substantial with his time on this earth.

One of a Kind
Here is an astonishing story of wonder hero named Mr. Jadav Payeng  Molai from Assam, a northeastern state of India.  Today he is in his 50s, relentlessly working since last 34 years for a cause he believed in with all his heart.

He spent his entire adult life in planting trees which resulted in dense, full grown forest spread on 550 hectare of sandbar in the middle of the Brahmaputra.

His story started when he was just a teenager. It was 1979, when he was just 16 year old teenager, massive flood hit the region which caused wide spread destruction resulted in large number of dead snakes washed on to the sandbar which died due to the heat.

Jadav literally mourned over their dead bodies as they died just because of there were no trees to shelter them.

He informed about this to forest department and requested them to grow trees on that barren sandbar. They rejected his suggestion on account of that land being unable to grow anything. Instead they asked Jadav to try growing bamboo.

He was deeply disappointed with their attitude and indifference, but still accepted their suggestion and started growing bamboo.

He left his village, his education, his home and started living alone on the sandbar to take care of his trees day in and day out. He also put efforts to change the quality of soil, by transferring red ants from his village to sandbar which altered the properties of barren land.

He nurtured his bamboo trees and within few years successfully turned the sandbar into a thick bamboo grove which led him to decide to grow other types of trees.

And today, a SINGLE man's determination and dedication, has resulted in nearly 1400 acres of forest consisting of variety of flora and fauna.

This forest has variety of several thousand trees and gives shelter to diversified wildlife. It has not just turned into a home to over hundreds of deer, apes, birds, rabbits, snakes but also became a secure place to live for endangered animals like rhino and royal bengal tiger.

It has been noticed that a herd of more than 100 elephants visits the forest regularly and also 5 tigers are living there.

Local people refer to this forest as "Molai  kathoni" in Assamese which aptly means Molai's Forest.

Jadav still leads very humble life. He constructed a small house in the forest and lives with his family, comprising of his wife and three children.

He sells buffalo and cow milk to earn his livelihood.  He loves and cares for trees and animals like his own children.

And even after 34 years of cultivating such a large forest single-handedly, he still has passion and enthusiasm left in him to start similar venture in new location at different region of the state if provided the Forest Department manages his forest in better way.

This was an inspirational story of an ordinary man with extra-ordinary spirit who no doubt has become a living legend, a true hero of our time.

Jadav Molai is the live example of what ONE can manifest with constructive thoughts and determined actions.

It is such a relief to witness that Real Heroes like Jadav Molai do exist in today's self-centric world who lead their life as a mission working selflessly for society and environment.

Green Umbrella Organisation has faith in every single PERSON, just as religiously we believe in creational power of each SEED.

We strongly believe that each individual is a hidden Force which is needed to be discovered and utilized to the fullest.

Power of ALL is nothing but a multiplication of Power of ONE.

Just as easily Every Single SEED has potential to cover this entire earth with its existence, Every Single PERSON can also have power to change the face of this planet.

We, at Green Umbrella Organisation, appeal to each ONE of you to stand up for your right to have Greener Earth and own up to your responsibility for the same.

Support us in our Green Cause as....

.....Power of YOU alone is a Power of WE together.

(Thanking Mr. Will McMaster, the creator of above video "FOREST MAN", for allowing us to embed it on our blog.
Do join him at https://www.facebook.com/TheForestForTheTreesMovie )

- Jyoti Gangurde


Saturday, 30 March 2013

How and What You Can Contribute!

How and what you can contribute.

Green Umbrella Organisation dose not engage in just creating a hollow awareness but rather works towards environmental issues on ground level which leads us to face practical challenges to function properly on day to day basis.

We are in need of constant support and constructive help in various areas to be able to sustain and continue our work.

You can help us in many ways on different levels. You can choose from following list in which category you wish to render your help to us.

We believe that practical participation from masses on large scale will enable us to tackle with environmental issues faster than never before.

You can render your services to us to speed up our work.

1) You can support our project of "Adopt a Tree Baby" by buying a pack of seeds and donating those saplings back to us.

2) You can donate money if it is possible to you. Even if you can't donate yourself, you can help us to reach to donors. If you know people who are interested in supporting any social cause with finance, then you can inform them about our organisation and can inspire them to donate for our cause.  

3) We have to arrange trips to jungle just to collect seeds of indigenous trees. Many of these native trees are flourishing in city limits. And due to ignorance and unawareness of masses, every year lakhs of such seeds get wasted and end up in dustbins. 

If such trees are available in your society premise, in your farm house or in your area, you can invite us to collect seeds of those trees which will help us in great deal or you can do it on your own and can donate those collected seeds to us.

4) You can prepare fertilizer from daily waste material of vegetables at your house and can donate that quality fertilizer to our nursery where we grow saplings on regular basis for large scale plantation on public places.

If you wish you can learn from us how to prepare quality fertilizers at home. You can arrange our Presentation in your society. You can form a group of housewives, kitty party groups or student groups who can contribute in this cause right from their homes.

5) We need skilled people to work on different projects. If you are good at giving a presentation, speaking on public platforms then you can join us to create awareness.

We need such persons to conduct our Slide Show Presentation at schools, colleges, societies, corporate offices etc. 

6) If you own a commercial place, then you can help us to promote our project "Adopt a Tree Baby". You can buy these packets in bulk from us and distribute them to people by selling at your place. 

Or at least you can promote our cause by showcasing our Posters at your commercial place. 

7) If you can stick our posters on your car, so that it can be promoted to lot of people on daily basis.

8) You can also showcase our posters on your society's Notice Board where many passer-by can view it. 

9) You can take an initiative and can form support groups in your locality, in your school or colleges.

These support groups of students, housewives, senior citizens can help us to spread awareness in local areas by introducing our various projects related to environment.

10) We are Thane based organization mostly known in suburbs of Mumbai and Thane. 

You can promote GUO by publishing information about our work in your local news papers if you have authority and resources to do so.

11) If you are able to find sponsors to help us financially, it will boost up our work and we will be able to take our cause on national level.

12) If you are working in schools or colleges and hold influential posts like teachers, principles or directors, then you can collaborate with us and introduce practical projects in your schools/colleges to educate students.

13) If you are a member of Parent Teacher Association in schools of your kids, then you can form a parents group who can take an initiative to introduce our projects to kids. 

14) We are in constant search of piece of land where we can implement various plans of plantation. 

We try to promote biodiversity by planting different sets of plants according to quality of land and climate.

We have variety of plans like Nakshatra-Van, Ayurvedic Garden, Butterfly Garden and Sparrow Garden etc. 

If you own large piece of land or you have authority over village community group, you can invite us to do plantation projects.

15) We have join hands with Swangvale Theater Group to spread the green message to young population of our country. We are looking forward to connect with Schools to arrange a show of our play. If you can help us to connect with school authorities, it will help us in  great deal. 

Please check about the play Rang Rangila Gittu Girgit on this page. 

Rang Rangila Gittu Girgit - http://www.green-umbrella.org/swangvale.html

16) If every other thing mentioned above is beyond your limits, at least you can promote work of our NGO, our website in your personal social circle by mouth publicity or by using information technology.

You can promote us on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Emails etc.

There are many ways to contribute once your heart is filled with compassion towards our dying Mother Earth. 

It is high time that we all take responsibility and undone the atrocities we, the whole of humankind, did on this planet. Other living beings may not be as developed as humans are, but they are definitely not as cruel and as destructive as humankind is. In fact, they are more intelligent than us as they never harm trees or pollute water they survive on.

No animal or bird ever destroy Eco-system they live in. But we humans are so greedy and selfish that we are consuming natural resources for our own benefit without compensating with proper share back to nature to keep the balance. 

So wake up, it is in our hand what we wish to carry forward to our future generations. 

Waiting for your support... !

- Jyoti Gangurde
Thursday, 28 March 2013

"Adopt a TREE BABY"

Adopt a Tree Baby!

Green Umbrella Organisation is proud to launch our project which is very near to our heart i.e. "Adopt a Tree Baby"

Buy 10 Seeds for 10 Rupees

We are ready with pack of 10 seeds of giant native trees, waiting for planters or rather let's say affectionate parents. :)

Join our Project and buy pack of 10 seeds for Rs. 10.

Plant those seeds in your balcony garden, nurture your tree babies with lot of care and affection and then donate this set of 10 saplings back to us for large scale plantation in public places.

Raising a plant is as complex as raising your own baby. You need to put your heart and soul to nurture and protect small sapling in early weeks of its growth.

Again it is not easy to grow these toddlers or saplings in public places at least for first few years. 

Green Umbrella Organisation works towards the plantation and protection of donated trees in public places with the help of local authorities.

We make sure that each planted tree baby is secure and growing safely until it is able to take care of itself on its own. :) 

So what are you waiting for? 

Donate Saplings 
C'mon join us and help us to nurture our Mother Earth to help her nurture us.

Each one of us has potential to contribute in whichever small or great way possible. It is not about big amount of hard cash that always matters, even donating 1 plant per person has power to color this planet greener than before.

With each plant you can donate your heartfelt care, affection, love and devotion which carries no price tag in any world.

So, come forward and donate something back to our Mother Earth.
We sell 10 seeds per 10 rupees at our nursery. 

Please visit us to buy seeds at following address.

Nakshatra Garden
Ganesh Visarjan Ghat,
Kalva Naka,
Old Belapur Road,
Kalva (west),
Pincode : 400 605

- Jyoti Gangurde

Donate OR Volunteer!!!
Donate and Volunteer are 2 different words but with exact same essence. Soulful feelings of devotion are the predominant properties of these 2 words. 

Each one of us is capable to Do, Donate and Dedicate but only few with sense of duty and responsibility can realize their true potential and power of bringing Change.

Change is a strange desire. Everybody wants it but no one is ready to invest their individual efforts to bring it. Everyone believes that if OTHERS will do something or should do something, then scenario will change and ALL will be benefited. But no one is ready to accept that each one of us is a small part of mighty OTHERS (who supposedly have ability to bring change) and silent part of vulnerable ALL (who are eventually going to be benefited whether they earned it or not).

Volunteer for Our Green Cause
"Change" is the result of an INTENTIONAL WILLINGNESS to ACT, without being provoked or pursued.
If you provoke people to demolish evils of society and to raise their voice against atrocities, no doubt it will create uproar and will attract some eyeballs, but definitely this will have very short term impact.

If you pursue people to be participated in great cause by luring them with something they are fascinated about, you are still going to hold their interest but again just for temporarily. 

Change won't be brought about by handful of people using external force on masses and forcing them to stand up for their own rights.

Change can only be possible by internal awareness and awakening of each individual with their active participation in any cause with full faith and force.

Change will happen only when each individual is as aware of and determined to fulfill his duties as much he is conscious of his rights.
Even small but collective efforts from such people can bring bigger changes in any field.
Join us to help bring those desired changes and to save our legacy of Green Earth.

We at Green Umbrella Organisation, need Money Power & Man Power.

Donate to Nurture Our Mother Earth
Please kindly donate your money OR dedicate your time. Both are equally valuable to us. 
Even your Rs. 1/- counts,
as it converts our Rs. 99/- into Rs. 100/-
So, donate as less or as much as you can, cause not just your donated amount, but your best wishes and blessings are going to work wonders for us.

You can also help us to build a community of volunteers. Join us and dedicate your time and efforts to our green cause. 

We need a man power that is willing to work with sense of responsibility and ready to contribute with their share of duty towards our environment.

Please visit this link and register as a volunteer for Green Umbrella Organisation by filling a form there.

(Rest assured that your information is safe with us as we DO NOT share it with anyone else. We DO NOT participate in spamming and maintain a zero tolerance spam policy. 
Your information will NOT be sold/distributed to any third party.)

We will contact you within 3 working days. You can tell us about how you wish to contribute to our cause.
Let's volunteer, let's be a force to be reckoned with!

- Jyoti Gangurde


Please feel free to add your comments/suggestions here. We will try to incorporate good ideas into our work. Waiting for your active support.

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